Executive Chef for Credit Suisse, Raleigh
Bert Hamilton

Chef Bert was born and raised in southern Alabama, which is where his passion for food and service was ignited. He grew up in a house that was a hub for entertaining and learned at a very young age how set up a buffet table and bar. When he turned 18, he moved to North Carolina to attend Brevard College and enrolled in their Wilderness Leadership program. But, after experiencing his first restaurant job he knew immediately that he needed to transfer to the local culinary program! Chef Bert then moved to Nashville TN, spending several years helping the Tex Mex Restaurant concept open multiple locations all over the south east before returning to North Carolina. Just prior to joining LifeWorks he was managing a small group of local restaurants in Hillsborough, NC who owned their own beef, pig, and sheep farm. He has an extreme passion for serving people, and loves nothing more than the look on a someone’s face when they are eating the perfect meal!

Executive Chef for Credit Suisse, New York
Scott Clayton

Chef Scott’s culinary career began in an old school Italian bakery where he learned the task of making Italian bread throughout the night, which was delivered and enjoyed throughout the New Jersey area. The experience taught him the discipline necessary to work in the food industry and led him to additional restaurant venues and eventually, culinary school.
Upon graduation he traveled throughout the Mediterranean to explore the culture and people, and experience fine southern European cuisine to stimulate his culinary creativity. Those influences were used in opening his own Italian restaurant, eventually joining LifeWorks.
Chef Scott likes to create new, inventive ways to excite people and bring the best of street foods to Credit Suisse every day. He loves seeing how well received his dishes are and the excitement people have when they discover new foods he presents!

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